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The StrikeZone features 3 Iron Mike Machines set to throw Slow (45 mph), Medium (55 mph), and Fast (85 mph)--baseball only.

These machines are fully automatic and hold 600 balls-no other person is needed to feed balls.

Unlike wheel machines, they feature an arm mechanism which reproduces the actual motion of a live pitcher, allowing batters to work on their timing as well as mechanics.

We rigorously maintain our pitching machines so they are always operational and functioning properly, unlike many outdoor cages whose machines are regularly out of service and jam frequently.




will benefit from renting the pitching lane with the Jugs Softball Machine.

This machine throws softball-sized balls from a low release point and can throw arcing softpitch balls or straight fastpitch balls.

The machine is totally adjustable for speed and height but is manually operated and requires at least one extra player to feed the balls.

This set-up does require a cage rental and is not available for walk-in use.




will benefit from renting the 40' cage (or any cage) with the Atec Hitting Streak machine.

This machine throws Lite-Flite foam baseballs (as well as softballs and mini-golf balls with adjustment). For this reason it is ideal for younger players who may be intimidated by the bigger Iron Mike cages.

The machine is totally adjustable for speed and height (and can even tilt to throw breaking balls) but is manually operated and requires at least one extra person to feed the balls.

This set-up does require a cage rental and is not available for walk-in use.


The StrikeZone is a time-based, shared-space facility.


Individuals can practice as walk-ins for a guest fee of $20 per hour or $15 per half hour with no reservation or memebership required. This time period is calculated from the time one signs in at the front desk (there is no practical method to calculate your precise time inside the actual cage). You pay for time in the facility and can use any cage not rented/used for lessons. This is how most non-members access the facility. Note: You do not get a cage all to yourself. No advance reservation needed - just walk in!

Members are subject to the same rules as walk-in guests, but they can come in for an unlimited number of days, are not limited in time and do not pay each time they use the facility. See the Membership page for more details. If you are a frequent user a membership will save you money over paying a guest fee each time. Also, since your time per visit is not limited, cage traffic on a given day is not as much of a concern when you have to take turns.

Any cage can be rented by the hour for exclusive use - this is usually done by teams or groups or those wishing to hit softballs via the Jugs machine. It is always best to reserve cages in advance to ensure availability. All rentals must be paid for up front. When you rent a cage you get it all to yourself, but can not use any cage not rented. Cages rent for $75/hr ($85/hr for the pitching lane).

See Cage Rental Details Below.

Lessons, clinics and instruction are completely separate from use of the facility as a guest, member, or renter. All lessons include cage space for the session at no additional charge. Cage time before or after a lesson is not included in the cost of a lesson and must be paid separately. See the Clinics page for more information on instructional options.

We don't run house teams out of the facility, so our cages are never reserved or booked up with our own in-house team practices.

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All access is time based, no coins or tokens are required.

- All time is shared time - by rule everyone must take turns in the cages.

- No one gets a cage exclusively unless they rent it. No live throwing or hitting/tee work is allowed if others want to use the machines.

- A machine only throws 12 balls each time it is started, 12 is the most balls anyone gets in a row if others are in line to use it.

- Everyone must pick up all the balls they hit or throw in ANY cage and return them to the machines/buckets during sessions and before they leave the facility.

- Only those who have paid the fee or are members are allowed to hit in the cages - including parents. Parents (only) are allowed to throw to or perform drills with their own kids free of charge.

- Anyone wishing to conduct personal instruction MUST rent a cage to do so. We do not allow freelance personal instruction without a cage rental.

- Use of the Pitching Cage and 40' Hitting Cage is limited to 20 minute intervals when others are waiting. It is STRONGLY suggested that users sign up at the front desk to use these cages, or risk being asked to exit for others who do sign up.

- All walk-in cages feature BASEBALL machines. The jugs softball machine is the only true SOFTBALL throwing machine we offer (the Atec machine can throw Lite-Flite softballs), it is set up in the pitching lane, and must be rented by the hour. When rented, you can bring in extra players at no additional cost.

- The Atec Hitting Steak machine is also set up in the 40' back cage (or can be set up in any cage) and is ideal for younger players starting at age five. This machine throws different size balls and operates under the same procedures as the Jugs machines and also requires a cage rental.

- Cages are sometimes rented or used for lessons. A cage schedule is posted every week and updated constantly. Check this schedule via the home page link to see daily cage availability. Machine cages are kept open whenever possible.



The StrikeZone Offers the Following Training Features:

Three 55' Batting Cages
With Iron Mike Automatic Pitching Machines set to throw slow, medium and fast speed pitches. These cages can also be used for live pitching by pulling out an L-screen. These machines throw baseballs only. These are automatic machines, no additional person is needed to pitch or load balls.

In addition, two of these cages can be opened up to a 26' x 45' open area (via a retractable net) which is ideal for fielding clinics and practice.

L screens are available for live pitching and drills in the 40' and Pitching cages, as well as the 55' machine batting cages. Note: Live pitching is not allowed when others are waiting to hit off of machines in the 55' cages.

Dual 72' Pitching Lane
Practice pitching from a full 60' 6" to the 46' Little League range or any distance in between with two portable mounds, plates and pitching screens. Throw to pitching targets or a practice partner. Two pitchers can workout side by side simultaneously. Also features a heavy duty turf mat with a rubber attached for softball pitching practice. Now includes a full-size batting stand-in figure to allow practice with a batter in the box.

This cage can also function as a 72' batting cage for live BP with an L-screen or with the use of a Juggs Curveball Machine capable of throwing a variety of curves, sliders, and fast balls up to 100mph. Requires at least 2 participants (one to feed balls into machine). Note: Although this machine does require 2 people, unlike stationary machines it is FULLY ADJUSTABLE for speed, height and break of pitch (for both right and left handed deliveries). This can also function as a second slow-speed cage or simulate a machine-pitch league machine. Use of the Jugs Baseball machine requires a cage rental.

For Softball Practice
A Juggs Softball Machine is available for use in the 72' pitching cage, which throws high speed straight balls for fastpitch players, and arcing tosses for slowpitch players. Requires at least 2 participants (one to feed balls into machine). Note: Although this machine does require 2 people, unlike stationary machines it is FULLY ADJUSTABLE for speed and arc/height of pitch. Perfect for small group or team softball-specific practice.

There may be 5 minutes or so of time needed to set up and calibrate any portable machine. If there are lessons or rentals before or after your rental period, you may not get an exact hour due to this adjustement period. The only alternative is to let the renter do all the set up operations.

Note: use of Jugs machines requires a rental fee for the pitching cage, as you will be utilizing that space for the entire time. You may bring in multiple players to use the cage at no additional fee however and spit the cost. The automatic Iron Mike machines DO NOT throw softballs.

An Atec Hitting Streak Machine
The Hitting Streak is a small, light weight machine that only throws Lite-Flite foam balls (baseball/softball/mini-golf ball). This makes it ideal for younger players who may be intimidated by the Iron Mike machines. The lite balls are safe for kids as young as five and won't sting hands when hit. The machine is adjustable for speed and height (up to 60 mph). It can also be titled to throw breaking pitches. This machine is most often set up in the 40' hitting cage, but can be placed in any available cage if need be. Requires a second person to feed balls. This machine is subject to the same practices and regulations as the Jugs machines.

A 40' Multi-use Hitting Cage
Featuring a variety of training aids such as batting tees, tennis and wiffle balls, and a sock net screen to further perfect your form and technique. This is the ideal cage for hitting drills as it takes much less time to shag the balls as opposed to the larger pitching lane.

Year-Round, All-Weather Facilities
Unlike outdoor cages and practice fields, the StrikeZone is open all year round in rain or shine. Practice your game and keep your skills sharp on and off-season and in all weather conditions--including the opressive summer heat--to maintain a competitive edge.

A Meeting Room
Featuring a large conference table big enough to handle team meetings, this area is outfitted with a wall-sized white board, a Windows PC which can run Powerpoint shows or video analysis, and a 27" video monitor with a VCR and DVD player. This room is availble to rent for pre-planned team meetings or birthday parties.

Additional Facility Features:
  • 6000 Square Feet of Space.
  • Superior Lighting with 20 High Bay Light Fixtures.
  • A Dual Heating/AC System to Maintain A Comfortable Interior Climate.
  • A Large, Comfortable Waiting Area.
  • WiFi Access to a broadband internet connection.
  • A Flat-screen TV with DirecTV Service in the Waiting Area.
  • Ample Parking






Instructional Clinics & Summer Camps:
Subjects include hitting, pitching, catching and custom clinics all taught by knowledgeable instructors. Summer camps cover basic skills in week-long sessions during the summer months, with morning and afternoon hours available. Click here for more information

Private Lessons:
Personalized, one-on-one lessons are available all year round with our instructors on an appointment basis. Click here for more information


Yearly Memberships:
Practice hitting, pitching and catching all year round to keep your skills sharp and stay competitive in a more cost effective manner for frequent users.
Click here for more information

Six Month Memberships
Don't want to sign up for a whole year? Choose our Six Month Membership. Click here for more information

Monthly Membership Installment Plan
Pay your membership fee in monthly installments automatically with your VISA or Mastercard account, as opposed to a large lump sum up front.
Note: this is NOT a month-to-month contract.
Click here for more information

Cage Rentals
A cage rental guarantees exclusive use of any given cage(s) at a specified day and time. All of the cages can be rented on an hourly basis as a flat rate (as opposed to a per person rate).

The 55' cages rent for $75 per hour and include the use of an Iron Mike pitching machine if so desired (fixed 45, 55, 85 mph speeds).

The 72' cage rents for $85 per hour and includes the use of a manual feed Jugs baseball or softball machine, as an option (adjustable speeds).

The 40 ft. cage rents for $75 per hour and can include the use of the Hitting Streak pitching machine if desired. This cage is also well suited for live BP, tee work and hitting drills.

It is recommended that advance reservations be placed for rentals. Rentals without a reservation are subject to the availability of cages at the time of the request. For groups of 5 or more it is recommended that you consider renting at least 2 cages to get the most out of your practice time.

Note: Cage rental allows for use of the specific cage rented only-no other portion of the facility may be used. Players will be required to pay a $20 guest fee if they are in cages other than those specifically rented.

Any advance rentals must be paid in full up front and will not be refunded for any reason, including cancelations or no-shows, unless canceled by the StrikeZone (due to weather, power outages etc.). The space will be reserved and charged for whether anyone is present or not. This is due to the fact that by holding the cage time open, we are turning away potential customers, and must be compensated as such even if no one is present during the time of the rental. The cages will not be considered reserved until payment is actually received.


Walk-in Guest Passes
Individuals can practice as walk-ins for a guest fee of $20.00 per hour. Parents are allowed to help their kids with drills or play catch, but anyone wishing to hit in the cages must pay the fee. All cages may not always be available at all times due to high traffic, reservations, rentals and lessons. Please note that use of the cages during peak times might result in players receiving less rounds in the cages as opposed to other times when the facility is less crowded. Use of the Jugs machines in the 72' cage by requires a $75/hr. cage rental fee.

Please note that all cage time is shared time and exclusive use of a given cage is granted only via private/semi-private instruction or cage rental.

Gift Cards
The StrikeZone now offers gift cards, which can be issued in any amount and can be refilled when depleted with additional funds. These cards can be used to pay for walk-in visits, cage rentals, lessons or even memberships to the facility. You can purchase one of these cards for your player to use when visiting the facility instead of giving them cash or a credit card. See the front desk attendent to purchase a gift card.

Birthday Parties
The StrikeZone can host your player's birthday party! Birthday groups typically rent one or two cages (the slow machine and pitching cages most often) and the conference room. The kids hit/throw the cages for the first hour and then go into the conference room for pizza, cake, etc, the second hour. You are able to come in during that first hour and set things up. A baseball video is included free of charge for the kids to watch while having their food. Coaches and assistants from our staff can be added to run contests in the cages--which is more fun for the kids--and perform some informal instruction as well. This is optional and adults from your group can do the same. In addition to birthday celebrations we also do team parties and adult get-togethers as well.
Please email for further information and a price quote.



Practice Hitting Breaking Balls
with our Jugs Curveball Machine - capable of throwing curves, sliders, sinkers as well as straight fastballs. This can also function as a second slow machine for youngsters.*

A jugs softball machine* is also available for fast/slowpitch softball practice. see photo

*Use of wheel machines requires a cage rental fee since
the entire cage is occupied for the entire hour of use.
A second person is needed to feed balls into the Jugs machines.