• All participants must pick up/return all balls hit or thrown before leaving the cage they are using and before leaving the facility.
  • Helmets must be worn in batting cages.
  • All member and guest time is SHARED TIME – No one has exclusive use of a cage except in the case of rentals and lessons.
  • All must take turns in the cages – Time in the pitching and 40 ft. cages is limited to 20 minutes when others are waiting. Those wishing to hold a 20 minute slot in either of these cages must sign up at the front desk Pitching/40' Cage log-in sheet.
  • A membership can only be used by the member on record. Members who loan their card out will loose their membership without a refund, without exception.
  • Patrons are not allowed behind the front desk without permission. If you need assistance with a helmet or bat, please wait for a StrikeZone employee to help you.
  • Absolutely no one is allowed in the rear machine area at any time except to reload balls. If balls become stuck or a machine is not operating properly, please see the front desk attendant for assistance. Only yellow dimple balls are allowed in machines.
  • No one is allowed to adjust the pitch controls on the machines. Anyone caught doing so may lose their membership.
  • Anyone under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. No one under 5 years old is allowed in cage area.
  • Use of any cage with a portable wheel machine requires a cage rental fee, even for members.
  • Only members with cards or patrons that have paid the guest fee are allowed in the cages. Parents may play catch and help with drills, but if they wish to hit in the cages they must have a membership or pay the guest fee.
  • Absolutely no freelance instruction allowed. Those wishing to conduct or partake of their own instruction or coaching with their own instructor/coach must rent a cage to do so.
  • Hitting off tees, live pitching, or holding drills in the machine cages is prohibited if others are waiting to use, or wish to use the machines, or if others come in to do so.
  • Only one person is allowed in each cage at a time when automatic machines are running.
  • Gates must be closed at all times. Stay clear of all nets and fences inside and outside cages. Do not stand on home plate.
  • Do not activate a machine unless/until the batter is set and ready in the box.
  • No swinging of bats outside of cages or hitting demonstrations with a bat in hand in the hitting position.
  • No hanging or pulling on the nets is allowed. Parents are responsible for all member/nonmember children's' behavior.
  • You must be courteous to fellow players: no running around, yelling, screaming, cursing, excessive noise, or horseplay.
  • No one assumed under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be allowed to participate. All must have a helmet, shirt and shoes.