- A secure location

- Adult supervision

- Shelter from the sun

- Shelter from storms

- CLEAN bathrooms

- Access to COLD water

- A place to eat lunch

- Snacks & drinks

- A variety of training
  aids to keep drills

- Contests/prizes to keep
  kids motivated

- Historical videos to
  give an appreciation of
  the game















Private/Semi-Private lessons are available for hitting, pitching, catching and fielding. Set up a customized session plan with one of our professional instructors. Develop a solid base of skills for on-field play, or refine your existing form and correct mechanical faults with video analysis and personalized instruction. All of our instructors have college level playing experience, and some have played professionally. Single student sessions or semi-private groups of 2, 3, or 4 or more players are available. Click the link to below to read more about scheduling a session and see student feedback too.

See instructor bios HERE.

See feedback from our students HERE




If you have any questions regarding StrikeZone Camps or Clinics,
or if the Online Form is not working for you, please email us
using the link below or call us at 703-823-0061:





All Participants are required to fill out and sign a waiver form before joining any camp, clinic, or activity at the StrikeZone. You may fill this out in person at the facility, or download a PDF file and bring the completed form with you to the camp or clinic you are attending.

Click Here to download the Waiver Form


Camper Code of Conduct:

1. Players must act in a courteous manner.

2. Players must not throw fits or temper tantrums due to making an out, losing a game or any other reason.

3. Players must abide by the coaches rulings in all activities and contests and not argue calls.

4. Players must follow coaches instructions at all times and participate in the given scheduled activity--that is, players are not allowed to go off on their own, pursue their own activity, leave the facility, and generally disrupt the group.

Players who do not follow these rules will be given a time out period in the front waiting room. If a player persists in this behavior on a continuing basis, they will be asked to leave the camp immediately.

If a player engages in any of the following, they will be asked to leave immediately.

1. Initiating any physical confrontation with another player or coach.

2. Deliberately breaking equipment or throwing equipment in a malicious manner.

3. Using profanity or engaging extreme outbursts of shouting/screaming or threats to others.

If a player is asked to leave the camp immediately, the parent will be called and requested to pick them up on the spot. They will have to wait in the front area, and not be allowed any further participation. The player will not be allowed to return for the remainder of the week and no refunds will be issued for any missed time.

The behavior cited above affects the whole group, disrupts general harmony, and poisons the atmosphere for all the players and coaches. By asking all players to follow these rules we can provide an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.


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