no house teams


Unlike some other facilities we do not run house teams out of the StrikeZone and are not beholden to providing ongoing cage space for these teams. This practice often results in limited access at other facilities to members and non-members alike at both peak times and non-peak times as they give priority to their own teams or are not open at all.




Rent the entire facility
(or just part of it)
for team practices
at group rates.

Contact the StrikeZone
via email for pricing
and availability:




Memberships are sold on a yearly or six month basis, with payment due at signup. You may pay the entire amount in advance or in monthly installments billed to a credit card. Members may come in and use the facilities at any time during regular hours of operation*, with the exception of hours when the entire facility is rented.

Members do not pay for each visit, can come in as much as they want and are not restricted to hour/half hour time periods as walk-in guests are.

Memberships represent a significant savings over paying the hourly walk-in fee for frequent users: A player with a 1 year membership paid up front only has to visit the facility more than a few times per month in order to save money over paying the walk-in fee for the same period.

Please note that all cage time is shared time and exclusive use of a given cage is granted only via private/semi-private instruction or cage rental. Members are subject to the same regulations as walk-in guests, except that they can come in as much as they want and are not limited in time during their sessions.

The StrikeZone reserves the right to revoke memberships without refund if StrikeZone rules are violated, especially in terms of excessive noise, behaviour and courtesy toward other users - see membership contract or the rules page on this website for details.



Yearly Membership-Individual: $625

Yearly Additional Family Member:**
+ $175 per additional family member.

Six Month Memberships: $450

Six Month Additional Family Member:**
+ $220 per additional family member.

Monthly Installment Plans

Pay installments on your membership fee automatically on a monthly basis with your
Visa or Mastercard - for 6 or 12 months. Avoid paying a big chunk up front.

(Note: this is NOT a month-to-month plan and monthly members are legally and contractually liable for the entire amount of their memberships if they terminate early or cease paying installments. We do not sell month-to-month memberships, only 6 and 12 month terms)

  $80.00 per month
  with a one year commitment

  + $35.00 per month
  per additional family member**

  $95.00 per month
  with a six month commitment

  + $45.00 per month
  per additional family member**

Special 2 and 3 Month Memberships
Are available to college players on winter or summer school breaks. Proof of student status is required. Please email for more details.

**Family members must share the same address as primary members in order to take advantage of the add-on rate. Address verification is required at the time of membership application.


To sign up for a membership,
please visit our facility at 826 South Pickett St.



* Access to all areas of the facility may not be available to members at all times due to team rentals, private lessons and clinics, especially during peak times such as the winter months. The facility will be closed for holidays and maybe one week in the summer for maintenance operations. Hours may vary slightly throughout the year with some longer weekend hours in winter and some shorter weeknight hours in summer/fall. See membership application form or the tems and conditions page on this website for full terms and conditions.